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Young Turks


Anaheim, California is known for the Black Flag riots that happened at Katella High School in the 80s, Disneyland, The Tiger Woods Golf Center, and the town where Bryan Gregory from the Cramps died. I’m sure I could dig up a few more nuggets, but fuck it. Go google it. Speaking of Nuggets, Anaheim of late has produced a few really good young punk bands. Is it the fresh well water that flows beneath the city? Don’t think so. It’s the love of their hometown zip-code. These kids are really proud to call “A-Town” home. One of these promising bands is Audacity. These kids are super young and aren’t jaded yet. They have a few US tours under their belt, and have released some cool ass vinyl. Go support these young punks when they blow through your town or village.

mp3 – Audacity “Teenage Town”

French Kizza Me


Thee Makeout Party from Anaheim, California have quietly and effectively been touring and releasing some pretty incredible bubble-pop gems for last 4 years or so. They’ve toured completely DIY and have released some hard to find 7″ vinyl records and cassette tapes! They’ve also launched an independent record label called Burger Records. A cassette/vinyl only label. They’ve released music from Nobunny, Audacity, The Go, Apache, and Stan McMahon. It’s a 100% budget rock label. No limitations whatsoever. Thee Makeout Party have a couple of support dates with The Black Keys in April.