Beneath The Peel


John Peel has a nice 4 CD boxset coming with an October 19th street date. Check out the incredible track listing and Pre Order the set [here]


Beneath the Carpet


This guy has been hiding in my own backyard of Los Angeles and I never knew it. Whew, glad I found this one called John Carpenter. He’s pretty incredible in a Madcap Laughs meets Bowie meets Roxy Music meets sexy T Rex. This kid is on major point!

Have a listen and purchase some tunes here


Der Kick Out the Jam

Three-Dimensional Terror


Francis Harold & the Holograms – Check ’em out

A fine fine mess of buzzsaw reverb and sleeze ala The Chrome Cranks. Delicious

Bitchin Video of the Week

Young Bugs


Sparse, Primal, Verlaine-esque, Sweat. Rock N Roll from Portland. The Bugs. This stuff ain’t gonna throw off the earth’s rotation, but it’s certainly fun and simple. Check out their smash hit …Stupid

Go buy some vinyl [here]