Word on the Street …

Joshua Homme, Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones have been holed up in a Los Angeles recording studio working on a new record. The new band name and record release date are currently TBD … keep your ears peeled kiddos


[update July 2, 2009]

Some dip shit over at an “unnamed” blog aped my story above. He then got his blog juiced over at AOL’s Spinner blog, as he being the tipster on this story. This is why I loathe lazy bloggers. This was the same blog that released Chinese Democracy early and got the early morning knock on the door from the FBI. Wonder if his shit stains have washed out yet. Ancient Chinese secret miss powder puff.

I know that Grohl had mentioned a “possible” collaboration way back when in Mojo. I’m certainly not the beginning of this story. But, rather the re-instigator of the sleeping monster. The Queens / Foos / Zep message boards lit up since my blog entry. That’s a good thing. People talking about Rock N Roll is a good. People sitting in newgroups and downloading (stealing) Rock N Roll blows balls. Most millionaire Rock N Roll dudes dont need the money (thats how most people justify taking the music for free). Thats not the point. The point is the time invested in writting / recording / mixing / mastering / touring and promoting for the sake of Art. That’s how its been since the beginning. Period. Filesharing is for the non-vinyl TIVO generation. Why this rant? I have no idea. Maybe I have Sky Saxon in my thoughts today. Here’s a tip of the Crown Royal to Grohl, Homme and John Paul Jones.

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