No Mo’

assHey Kiddos – I’m Haulin’ Ass from this music shit walkin’ & talkin’ blog onto something easier and fulfilling or sorts. I thought I’d have all the time in the world to find bands and talk about ’em, but I really dont. I was foolin’ myself into thinking i did. So … I’ve created a new foto blog over at Tumblr, where i can magically upload fotos from my iFone. it’s easier and less of a burden to sit behind this screen and come up with clever things to say about bands. There are plenty of music blogs to choose out there, i’m pretty sure PPP! isn’t up to par. Anyhow, thanks to all that have read my blog. If you like low quality phone fotos – then head over to my new blog Plastic Fotos [here]



Bitchin Video of the Week



Beat It!


BeatBeat is a snazzy outfit from Austria. These guys sure know how to hit you in the face with tasty jams. Wow. They have a few 7″ record for sale (send an email to:  They also have a few U.S. dates left on their tour, catch ’em if you can! Dates are here


Bitchin Video of the Week

Beneath The Peel


John Peel has a nice 4 CD boxset coming with an October 19th street date. Check out the incredible track listing and Pre Order the set [here]

Beneath the Carpet


This guy has been hiding in my own backyard of Los Angeles and I never knew it. Whew, glad I found this one called John Carpenter. He’s pretty incredible in a Madcap Laughs meets Bowie meets Roxy Music meets sexy T Rex. This kid is on major point!

Have a listen and purchase some tunes here